Face to Face

How advisers can help

Advisers do not tell you what to do.  They will explain your options and the possible outcomes of different courses of action.   This information will help you to make a decision and act upon it. Our advisers can:

  • Interview you to find out about your problem.
  • Access our electronic information database providing reliable information.
  • Help you to negotiate with third parties such as creditors or to appeal against decisions, for example, welfare benefit claims.
  • Write letters or phone companies and service providers on your behalf.
  • Help you to prioritise what to do next, for example, sort out which debts are most important.
  • Refer you to CAB specialist caseworkers who help with complex problems or to other agencies when appropriate.
  • Check your benefit entitlement to make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

When you first visit or contact us you will be assessed by a trained adviser.  From this short interview they will determine whether:

  • A quick piece of information will answer your enquiry.
  • An interview with a generalist or specialist adviser is required.
  • You need specialist help outside of the bureau’s expertise.

If an appointment is required following the adviser’s assessment they will make the arrangements whenever this is possible.


What should I bring with me?

You should bring as much information as possible relating to your enquiry.  Depending on your enquiry, the following may be useful:

  • Letters
  • Dates
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Receipts
  • Correspondence

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